FAQ for Restaurant Construction in NYC

September 2, 2018

Finding an NYC restaurant contractor to construct a restaurant is much easier when you have this information in mind. How long does restaurant construction take in NYC? On average, restaurant construction in NYC takes up to four months. Some restaurant contractors in NYC can finish a restaurant in as little as one month, though they […]

4 Red Flags for Any Pre-construction Plans

August 26, 2018

The definition of preconstruction is an early planning and engineering phase in which the following is accomplished: Scope of project Potential setbacks Cost impact analyzation A reliable New York construction company always meets the client in-person to determine the current status of the project. Preconstruction settles on objectives and addresses any New York construction issues. […]

5 Benefits of Commercial Remodeling

August 18, 2018

Construction companies in NYC are constantly remodeling commercial spaces of all sizes across all industries. Remodeling a commercial space has many benefits, including . . . Customer Attraction Commercial remodeling will generate excitement and curiosity from customers, which usually translates into an increase in sales. This is especially true for retail stores and restaurants, where […]

5 Major Luxury Home Remodeling Trends in New York City

August 17, 2018

Big construction companies in NYC are adhering to these most recent luxury home remodeling trends, which will upgrade your luxury home with new features for added style and functionality. Eco-Friendly Remodeling Eco-friendly remodeling minimizes a homeowner’s carbon footprint for the benefit of the environment. With that said, eco-friendly remodeling does not mean sacrificing creature comforts or living […]

What Makes Custom Cabinets “NYC-Style”?

August 11, 2018

Luxury homes, apartments and businesses all tend to go with custom cabinets in NYC. Custom cabinets from NYC are built to last for generations while looking stunningly beautiful. New York City custom cabinets signify wealth and status, but custom cabinets in NYC are also better because . . . There’s More Luxury Custom Cabinet Styles […]

5 Ways to Keep NYC General Contractors Honest

August 6, 2018

General contractors in NYC are fastmoving and competitive. Although most construction companies in NYC are hardworking and fair, you do have to watch out for the bad ones. Here are three ways to keep NYC general contractors honest when it’s time to sign the contract. Escrow Account Using an escrow account is one way to […]

Luxury Home Construction Vs. Renovations

August 5, 2018

Building a new home or renovating an existing one is a big decision. Luxury home contractors can renovate or construct luxury homes as needed, but which is best for the client? Here is how to decide the easiest way to get your dream home. Luxury Home Renovations Vs. New Construction: Determining Cost You would think […]

Top 4 NYC Construction Trends of 2018

August 5, 2018

After a strong 2017, construction companies in New York City are experiencing an even better 2018. With 75% of all construction companies across the nation expected to hire more workers this year, the NYC construction industry as a whole seems to be doing very well. Here are 6 trends to watch out for specifically pertaining to NYC […]

6 Hot Trends for Luxury Apartment Renovations in NYC

August 3, 2018

Apartment renovations in NYC are certainly nothing new, but these 2018 trends will keep your apartment renovation project looking stylish and updated for years to come. 1.) Combining Luxury Apartments Prominent young families are combining luxury apartments as a practical way to maximize living space in New York City. A large kitchen renovation in NYC […]