Caroll Gardens

Build-Ops revived the Carroll Gardens project, featured in Brownstoner magazine, from an abandoned shell to a stunning residential haven, showcasing our expertise in comprehensive reconstruction.

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Caroll Gardens
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Caroll Gardens
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Brooklyn, NY
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General Contracting
General Contracting

Carroll Gardens Construction and Renovation Project

Featured in Brownstoner magazine, the Caroll Gardens project is a remarkable transformation orchestrated by Build-Ops from an abandoned, dilapidated space to a stunning residential haven. With only remnants of walls left standing amidst decay, Build-Ops embarked on a comprehensive renovation journey.

Beginning with meticulous demolition, we cleared the site and initiated structural reconstruction from the ground up. From foundation work to framing, plumbing, and electrical installation, every stage of construction was executed with precision. We then proceeded to craft exquisite interiors, including flooring, staircase, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces.

With a keen eye for detail, we installed custom furniture, applied finishing touches, and breathed new life into the space. The Caroll Gardens project exemplifies our dedication to turning dreams into reality, showcasing the transformative power of Build-Ops craftsmanship.

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