We own a 10,000-square-foot Millwork and Welding shop in Brooklyn, NY, equipped with advanced machinery for CNC Milling, Laser Cutting, Metal Bending, Finishing, Cabinetry Assembly, and more. It is called Brooklyn Millwork.

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Millwork & Welding Solutions

Experience precision with our architectural millwork and woodwork service, specializing in volume closet and cabinetry production runs. 

Our in-house installation management ensures quality, utilizing our advanced production facility and cutting-edge machinery.

Steelwork & Custom Materials Solutions

Our machinery and expertise encompass a variety of custom materials such as metals, acrylic solid surface, glass, mirror, and more. 

This ensures solutions for diverse project requirements, catering to the needs of general contractors, architects, and interior designers.

Finishing, Edgebanding, & CNC Milling

Achieve flawless finishes with our expert finishing, edgebanding, and CNC milling services, guaranteeing precision and quality for your projects.

Utilizing the best practices of CAD programming and esteemed machinery, we guarantee precise results delivered on time and within budget.

Estimating & Pre-Construction

Our estimating and pre-construction services ensure precise planning, detailed analysis, value engineering, expertise, and timely estimates. 

Our approach includes plans and specifications analysis, takeoffs, scope sheets, finish samples, mockups, and itemized bids.

Project Management

We  prioritize precision with detailed schedules, enterprise resource planning by Innergy, and 3D CAD/CAM shop drawings. 

Backed by PROCORE Management and guided by expert foremen, we ensure seamless coordination both on-site and at the manufacturing facility.

Risk Management

Our project management approach prioritizes safety with OSHA 62  and OSHA 40 certified employees, foremen and management. 

Supported by dedicated contract and insurance managers and comprehensive safety programs, we ensure excellence from planning to execution.

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